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DEF CON Hacking Conference


The Eagle Has Not Landed!

DEF CON canary image

We've had some questions about our warrant canary, and we wanted to let everyone know that it was just an accidental reversion to the previous version during a site wide update. We're putting some measures in place to avoid this kind of confusion in the future, but rest assured, all is well, and no action has been taken against us!

DEF CON 29: The Plan So Far

DEF CON 29 pixel con image

I am announcing this now because the longer we wait and gather data the harder it will be for everyone to make plans, so we are announcing our intentions to kick things off.

DEF CON 29 will be a hybrid conference, partially in-person, and partially online. DEF CON will not be a “normal” con, but more like DEF CON “Different.” The situation we face this year is unique and will require us to do things differently, simplify our plans, and in a fast-moving environment be flexible to change.

Read the rest of the Dark Tangent's DEF CON 29 Announcement

DEF CON China Party Archive is Live!

DEF CON China Party image

If you didn’t get to participate in the DEF CON China Party, we have your back. We’ve got a full archive of the presentations and music for you to browse through at your convenience. We can’t provide you the experience of seeing The Dark Tangent’s avatar zooming across the virtual skyline with his jetboots, but the rest of the experience is on tap for you. Enjoy, and pass it on.

DEF CON 29 Theme and Artwork Contest!

DEF CON 29 theme image

It’s official. DEF CON season has arrived. DEF CON 29 will be happening this August in one form or another and that means it’s time to announce the theme!

The theme for DEF CON 29 is (imagine a drum roll here) ‘You Can’t Stop the Signal’.

The signal can be a few things. It’s the powerful force that draws DEF CON together as a community, across miles, across years, even in global lockdown. It can be the magnet that draws us to the people trying to solve the same puzzles we are, who want to learn how everything works as much as we do. And it’s how we instinctively know that the technology we live with can be better, and we are the ones to figure out how.

We’ve put together a style guide that lays out a bunch of our inspirations for this year, from visual aesthetic to music, to movies and books. We hope it inspires you in whatever you’re creating for DC29, and we hope it gives you the same powerful sense of community and possibility that we feel.

The style guide also governs the Art Contest, so if you're artistically inclined we hope you'll find a nugget or two in there to inspire your entries. We look forward to seeing what you come up with and we thank you for being the kind of amazing, unstoppable community that keeps us coming back.

DEF CON China Party!

DEF CON China Party Site image

We’re proud to announce another live online event! We’re working with our partners at Baidu and hosting a full one-day DEF CON China Party. Join us on March 20 in a specially built XRspace VR environment for a full day of our famous style of fun with music, speakers, contests and an interview with legendary hacker Steve Wozniak.

We’ll be announcing more details as the day approaches, so keep an eye on the party page for updates. We hope you’ll be able to join us, even if you don’t have a VR setup. See you there!

DEF CON Movie Night - Matchstick Men!

DEF CON Movie Night -  Matchstick Men image

This week’s DEF CON Movie Night flick is Ridley Scott’s ‘Matchstick Men’. Great performances, beautiful cinematography and more than a little social engineering action.

Join us in the DEF CON Discord 8pm PST Saturday ( in the movie-night-text channel!

DEF CON 29 Call for Everything!

DEF CON 29 Call for Everything image

DEF CON 29 approaches. It looms. Darn near impends. Be still, and you can hear it – the DEF CON Call for Everything ringing though the air.

The CfE is when DEF CON throws open the doors and invites everyone’s best proposals in for a visit. Speaking proposals, ideas for vilages, prospective demo labs, contests, trainings, music, art - literally everything. You write up all the delightful things you want to share with the community, and we find a way to bring the best of them to life at DEF CON.

The Call for Everything page lists all the ways you can participate in the creation of the next DEF CON, along with the relevant details and deadlines, including some new questions intended to get your thoughts on whether this year’s con should be in-person, online or some of both.

So visit the CfE page, read the guidelines, and get your best ideas together. Let’s DO this thing!

DEF CON Movie Night - Lo and Behold!

DEF CON Movie Night - Lo and Behold Movie poster image

This week's DEF CON Movie Night will be a YouTube simultaneous screening of a movie partially shot at DEF CON 23! It's the inimitable Werner Herzog's 'Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World'. Herzog is the legendary documentary filmmaker of Grizzly Man' and 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' and a literal half century of straight up mad moviemaking genius. He's also got a part in 'The Mandalorian', in case legendary documentaries aren't your jam.

Herzog's team came to DEF CON 23 looking for some footage of the frontiers of digital connection - this was the year of the Wired magazine Jeep hack where Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek shut down Andy Greenberg's Jeep from across the country. I personally may have wished more DEF CON footage survived the edit, it's a really interesting and unsettling look at the emerging world of constant, instantaneous interconnectivity.

Join us Saturday at 8pm PST in the DEF CON discord ( in the #movie-night-text channel!

Coming Soon! DEF CON China Party!

China Party logo image

The global pandemic of 2020 changed a lot of plans, and DEF CON was no exception. We couldn’t safely hold either of our planned in-person events, so we regretfully cancelled DEF CON 28 in Las Vegas and DEF CON China 2 in Beijing.

Fortunately, we’re a hacker community. We adapt. We reimagine. We find a way.

We created DEF CON Safe Mode, and held our first online conference. With that experience under our belt, we threw our first online New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2021.

Now we’re proud to announce another live online event, this time in VR! Along with our DEF CON China partners at Baidu we’ll be hosting a full one-day DEF CON party experience with contests, music and speakers, all in Virtual Reality.

We’ll be announcing the dates and details soon, so watch this space. We’ll also make sure you can check it out even without VR gear. Let’s make 2021 a year of increased friendship and connection for the global hacker community - no matter what conditions may come. We are hackers, and we find a way.

Hacking DEF CON with a Urinal Cake

badge hacking urinal cake video thumbnail image

Very cool video about the kind of crazy effort people put in to the #defcon Badge Hacking contest. Spoofing the badge is always a mighty challenge - but this team went above and beyond.

#urinalcake #badgelife thanks to @alexchaveriat for making the video!

Thanks for Hanging Out!

DEF CON NYE thank you image

Just a little note to thank everyone who came out to our New Year’s Eve Party! It was fun to hang out with so many of you, and very satisfying to ring in the New Year with our community.

These are difficult times for many of us, and maintaining our connections is an important part of staying healthy. Please feel free to visit for conversation, links to DEF CON Groups around the world and information about our upcoming events. We want you to stay safe, stay healthy and stay in touch.

DEF CON NYE Movie Night Takeover!


This week’s NYE edition of DEF CON’s Movie Night is being hosted by the Cult of the Dead Cow! The OG hacker supergroup will be in the movie night channel sharing a curated list of videos, telling tales and answering your questions.

If you know the Cult of the Dead Cow, you don’t need us to tell you how cool this is. If you don’t, just know they’ve been holding down the elite hacker strike force space since before you hacked your Teddy Ruxpin, and this is the perfect time to fill in that crucial gap in your grasp of hacker lore.

Follow us on and @defcon for times and video listings, and visit to see what the cult is up to now.

DEF CON NYE Music Lineup!

DEF CON NYE Music lineup image

DEF CON wants to be the soundtrack to your New Year’s Eve! Our party is packed with live DJ sets from all kinds of artists, both new and familiar. To get you familiar with the musical lineup in advance, we’ve got a list of the performers on the NYE Party Page!

Sample, evaluate and plan accordingly. Let's shake off 2020 together with some beat therapy.

DEF CON Awards at NYE Party!

DEF CON Awards image

We're bringing back the #DEFCONAwards for the @defcon #NewYearsEve party! Nominations open now!

Voting on those nominations begins on the 28th. Nominate for Hacker of the Year, biggest Blow Hard and 8 more categories - make your voice heard!

Attention holiday shoppers! is LIVE!

DEF CON store image

We’ve set up a sparkly new DEF CON store at to meet all of your various swag needs. We hope that it will be a smoother experience for everyone, with more options, more responsiveness and some room to grow. We’d love for you to check it out, and to check back for new items and replenished stock of your old favorites. Thank you as always for your support of DEF CON.


DEF CON New Year's Eve: Save the Date!

DEF CON New Year's Party image

Save the Date:
DEF CON’s first New Year’s Eve Party
December 31, 2020 through January 1, 2021
(Download iCal)

Let’s ring in the New Year together! We’re putting together a free online party for the global DEF CON Community. Join us on our Discord server ( for some low-key DC-style amusements like Hacker Jeopardy, Drunk Hacker History, live music, movies - you know how we do. No talks, no lines, plenty of hacker fellowship and shenanigans.

We’ll provide the tunes, the games and contests, even some ‘celebrity’ bartenders. You just bring your dancing shoes and the refreshments of your choice.

DEF CON Movie Night: Citizenfour!

DEF CON Movie Night - Citizenfour Poster image

Hard as it may be to believe, the Snowden revelations are over 7 years old. The news cycle has accelerated so much in the intervening years that it seems like a relic from a different age, a slower timeline where a big story could make headlines for weeks instead of getting buried by four equally unsettling headlines before dinnertime.

Wherever you stand on the ethics of the disclosure, this glimpse at the scope of the US domestic surveillance apparatus has had enormous impact on the way the public views its privacy. In the last few weeks, Snowden's name has been in the news again as he accepts a permanent residency in Russia and his name is floated for a Presidential pardon. This seems like a good time to watch the documentary Citizenfour. Let's examine this artifact together and figure out if it hits different in 2020. I suspect strongly that it will.

Download .ical file: DC Movie NIght - Citizenfour.ics

DEF CON 29 CTF Qualifying Event: HXPCTF

Order of the overflow logo image

Good news from our friends at Order of the Overflow! Another DEF CON 29 CTF Pre-qualifying event has been announced!

The HXPCTF event on December 18, 2020 will be your next chance to get your team into the running for the Big Show - are you prepared?

follow @oooverflow on Twitter for updates, follow the links below to learn more and sign up.

The road to glory begins with a single step. Take that step.

DEF CON Movie Night: The Most Dangerous Game!

DEF CON Movie Night - The Most Dangerous Game Poster image

The Most Dangerous Game' was made in 1932, but you can still hear its echoes in modern cinema. It's a surprisingly tense pre-code thriller about bored rich creeps who hunt humans for sport, and it walked so 'Predator' could run. Good fun, and a subtext that finds its way into movies a lot more often than you think. Watch this space for some more discussion of the film and join us in the DEF CON Discord Server Saturday Night at 8pm PST ( in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice.

DEF CON Movie Night: IT! The Terror from Beyond Space!

DEF CON Movie Night - IT! Poster image

This week, we are going to continue the simul-tubing experiment with 'IT! The Terror from Beyond Space" - a solid sci-fi thriller from 1958 that's one of the main inspirations for 'Alien'.

In case it isn't readable, that movie poster promises $50,000 to anyone who can prove the creature from the movie is NOT on Mars. You gotta respect a film that stands behind its premise.

Please join us November 28, 8PM PST in the DEF CON Discord ( in movie-night-text.

DEF CON Movie Night: WarGames!

DEF CON Movie Night - WarGames Poster image

#defconmovienight update for November 21

Next week's movie will be the classic 80s hacker film 'War Games'.

"But how? Don't the terms and conditions at discord forbid sharing copyrighted content?"

Fair question.

If we showed the movie in discord, we could run into issues. However, 'War Games' is showing for free on YouTube, praised be the internets.

So the plan is to make it a double header. For the first hour, we'll show a talk from DEF CON 16 where The Dark Tangent interviews David Scott Lewis, engineer, consultant and the model for the David Lightman character in War Games. It's a fascinating interview that will give you a lot of insight into the main feature. If you want to watch it early, it's available at

Then, when the interview is over, we'll all synchronize watches and start up 'War Games' on YouTube. We'll still hang out and talk in movie-night-text like every week.

Hopefully, stuff like this expands the pool of available content to be Movie Nighted, and if it works we'll do it again from time to time.

Hope you'll join us at 8pm PST, November 21 in in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice, and help us kick things up a notch.

Happy Diwali

DEF CON Diwali 2020 image

DEF CON Movie Night: Reefer Madness!

DEF CON Movie Night - Reefer Madness Poster image

In honor of the five new states that legalized marijuana in this week's US elections, DEF CON Movie Night is showing the original 'Reefer Madness'. First released in1936, this anti-marijuana propaganda piece began as a church-funded film called 'Tell Your Children'. Designed to scare kids away from 'jazz cigarettes', the plot revolves wide-eyed teens lurching from innocence to utter depravity after a brief dalliance with what was likely some very weak-sauce Depression-era weed. Unintentional hilarity follows.

The filmmakers overplay their hand to such an extent that the film probably encouraged more stoners than it inhibited, and it became a cult favorite of pot enthusiasts and connoisseurs of badfilm in the 70s and inspired a remake in the 2000s.

We'll also be showing the (very) short film created in 1942 by the US government to encourage the growing of hemp. 'Hemp for Victory' was produced and for many years disavowed by the Department of Agriculture, and while it's not as riotously funny as 'Reefer Madness' it is not without charm. It's also pretty informative about the business side of a pretty remarkable family of plants.

Join us for some laughs and a pinch of agriculture propaganda at 8pm Pacific on Saturday Nov 7 in the DEF CON Discord ( in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice. Download iCal

DEF CON Election Security Resources!

DEF CON Safe Mode election panel image

Waiting on election results? Pass the time by getting yourself up to speed on the many facets of election security! We've got a bunch of resources you can peruse. Take what you need, share where it's needed, follow @VotingVillageDC on Twitter and if you can, get involved in the fight for secure elections.

Get Involved! DEF CON Election Security Forum

DEF CON Voting Village Presentations:
DEF CON Safe Mode Voting Village Playlist
DEF CON 27 Voting Village Playlist
DEF CON 26 Voting Village Playlist
DEF CON 25 Voting Village Playlist

DEF CON Voting Village Official Reports:

DEF CON Halloween Movie Night: Night of the Living Dead!

DEF CON Movie Night - Night of the living Dead image

#Halloween2020 falls on a #defconmovienight - so we’re showing George Romero's groundbreaking (and public domain!) zombie thriller ‘Night of the Living Dead’!

If Halloween is on hold where you are, join us at 8pm PDT (GMT-7) 10/31 in in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice!

DEF CON Movie Night: Algiers!

DEF CON Movie Night Algiers image

This week’s #defconmovienight selection is ‘Algiers’ nominated for 4 Oscars and American debut film of #hedylamarr - screen legend and patent holder for an early frequency-hopping ‘secret communication device’.

Join us Saturday at 8pm PDT (GMT-7) in in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice

DEF CON Movie Night: D.O.A.!

DEF CON Movie Night D.O.A image

DEF CON movie night returns 10/3 with another public domain jewel—1950 meta-noir ‘D.O.A’. Decades ahead of its time, DOA subverts the hardened gumshoe genre by forcing the protagonist to solve his own poisoning before he dies. It’s truly one of the greats—don't sleep on this one.

Join us at 8pm PDT (GMT-7) in in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice. BYO Good-n-Plenty.

Q&A Sessions from DEF CON Safe Mode!

DEF CON Safe Mode Q&A sessions image

Friendly #defconsafemode reminder - we recorded the Q and A sessions for a bunch of the #defcon talks, so even if you've watched the talks on YouTube you might wanna check on this playlist of speaker/attendee interaction.

DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE Contest Results!

DEF CON Safe Mode Glitch Logo image

Luminous humans of #DEFCON, #SafeMode is now in the books. The time to celebrate the many Contest Winners is at hand. We also celebrate everyone who competed - just the tiniest bit less, to keep everybody motivated. Congratulations to those who found glory. Encouragement and gratitude to those who didn’t this time. The real victory is the friends we made along the way, who were inside our hearts all along.

DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE Artwork Contest Winners!

DEF CON Safe Mode Rita Tu Artwork Contest image DEF CON Safe Mode Hannah Diaz Artwork Contest image

We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who entered the DEF CON Safe Mode Art Contest. We’re always amazed at the level of talent in this community.

This year’s runner up is a stylish meditation on the profusion of connectivities that characterize modern life by Rita Tu.

Much like Highlanders, however, in the end there can be only one. This year’s highlander is @hannahdiazart. The entry has both wide-eyed discovery (very on theme) and boxes full of random electronics (super relatable). Also a robot dinosaur. It communicates something about the hacker spirit that is both warm and life-affirming.

Congratulations to Hannah and Rita and thanks again to everyone who participated.

SAFE MODE Content is Live!

DEF CON Safe Mode DT Welcome image

To get the party started, we’re releasing a bunch of the content early. Over on the media server, we’ve got all of the main stage talks and materials, the soundtrack, demo labs, art, CTF, music - take what you like. Completists out there, we see you. There’s a very thicc torrent file as well. Take some time to watch the talks you’ve been waiting for at your leisure, so you’re ready for the live Q&A sessions starting Thursday. This will be the first DEF CON where you won’t have to pick between main stage talks and the rest of the show, so take advantage. If you had plans, we apologize.

So close now!

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