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Razer Breadwinner


The most requested product in the history of gaming is now under development. Project BreadWinner is a crowd sourced project dedicated to providing gamers with the number #1 source of gaming fuel around the world – Toast. Introducing the world’s first gaming grade kitchen appliance built for gamers, by gamers. Bread to Win.

Toast to butter days

Spread the word like butter on toast – share the message on Facebook and Twitter and tell help us make the best Toaster for gamers. Remember to include hashtag #RazerToaster.

Help us design Project Breadwinner

This project was demanded by community and you won’t shut up about it. So now we want your hand in our toaster. Give us your feedback on what features the ultimate gaming toaster should have and shape what Project BreadWinner becomes.

We are giving out a Razer Kraken Mobile (color of your choosing) to 5 lucky winners who take the survey.

How interested are you in the following?
On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not interested, to 5 being very interested

How dark do you take your toast?

What’s the most important meal of the day?

Synapse enabled in-game toast notifications and bread profile storage
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Razer LoafLoader™ Bread Magazine with auto loader for maximum toasting turnaround time.
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Chroma Energy Butter Application System. Now with Razer Venom™! Secrete your high-performance gamer butter all over your toast mid roast. Color coordinated with your current Razer Chroma profile for the ultimate in culinary Chroma chow.
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What should the marketing tagline be?

PopUp Projectile Delivery System – When done, warm crunchy bread will catapult from the Razer Toaster to a pre-programed location (within 75 feet of launch site).
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Razer IntelliToast printing system – Get the most from your toast by replicating all manner of data and iconography on your bread. Print your opponent’s gamer tag and literally eat the competition for breakfast! Or up your bread ‘cred and start your day with the good ol Razer snakes. You are what you eat, so print something awesome!
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Highly Experimental Low Orbit Ion Toasting Cannon monthly subscription. Subscribe to our remote toasting service where our military grade attack satellite network can prepare your toast anywhere in the world! Toast a loaf in seconds with up to 98% target accuracy! (Razer is not responsible for any and all non-bread related items/objects/persons toasted when L.O.I.T.C is activated and the thunder is called down)
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Think of something we missed? Let us know what you would like your toaster to do.
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